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The Master of Science in Art Education gives in-service educators the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be a well-informed and reflective practitioner, teacher, and researcher. Admission to this program is outlined in the NIU School of Art Graduate Programs Application Guide. Students must remain in good standing in the Graduate School with an average 3.00 GPA or higher while completing 33 semester hours of graduate work and successfully passing a comprehensive examination for their degree.

New Online Masters Classes in Fall 2015!

Advisor: Dr. Kryssi Staikidis

Phone: 815.753.8388
Email: kstaikidis@niu.edu


Jack Arends Building
330 Gilbert Drive, Room 210
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Northern Illinois University Art + Design Education

Art + Design Education at Northern Illinois University is one of the leading programs of its kind in the world. Its research-focused faculty explores curriculum and learning outcomes related to visual culture, contemporary technology, assessment, indigenous studies, critical pedagogy, e-portfolio development, media studies and international educational teaching and research. Instruction focuses on meeting the myriad challenges of today's schools including student engagement with critical thinking, self-directed learning, Common Core, visual literacy, and STEAM.

NIU Art + Design Education students are committed to excelling as practitioners, scholars, and creative risk takers who build on their own strengths as they develop skills to advocate for art as essential to learning across diverse settings. Together, faculty and students work to improve educational practice, in both schools and communities, to produce visually literate children and adults.

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